sometimes i feel 24 hrs is so less for a mother

July 30, 2017 4:32am CST
I am awake since early morng behind my son and house hold work like brk fast lunch cleaning washing etc etc its 3 now but still it seems all the work is jus pending. So many other activities to complete but just no time in hand. The day of judgment is near coz time is running so very fast.
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30 Jul
When our children are little, it is extremely chaotic and exhausting. Just do the basics and enjoy your son. Take a few moments to breathe. Find ways to ease your routine.
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30 Jul
Yeah very true but I just fail to manage work n home both its so hectic god grace
@JeeyanDee (2731)
30 Jul
I do agree that 24 hours truly is not enough. Not enough for sleep, work, family and friends.
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30 Jul
Yeah forget abt friends u can't even tkcr of ur self health.....
@Paige32 (2056)
30 Jul
Is it possible you get someone who comes in to assist you once in a while? That will greatly reduced the stress you likely go through and give you ample time to enjoy your son.
31 Jul
Yeah i wish I could HV one. Trying for maid but not getting
30 Jul
24 hrs enough but when we can't manage it we feel not enough
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@Tracy04 (10582)
• Malaysia
3 Aug
Hope all work done in time. God bless.
@Shavkat (51652)
• Philippines
30 Jul
I do agree on that. 24 hours is not enough for parents in raising their child and give everything for them as much as possible.