Programming is really daunting

@xtedax (110)
Quezon City, Philippines
August 3, 2017 7:02am CST
How do they do it? I'm talking about programmers who continuously code and solve algorithms on a daily basis. I'm guessing they've been in the same predicament as me when they were still starting out. I've recently started learning to code, particularly Javascript, HTML, CSS, JQuery, and Bootstrap for front-end, and PHP, Node JS, and MySQL for back end. I've got to say, coding is very hard. The algo challenges are brain twisters and they keep me up even at the wee hours of the night. Any programmers out there? What are your experiences?
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@sol_cee (17303)
• Saint Vincent And The Grenadines
4 Aug 17
I read that high skilled programmers from top notch schools are immediately hired by the government. Lest they start working against the system.
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@xtedax (110)
• Quezon City, Philippines
7 Aug 17
That's prestigious yet scary, though. What if the government doesn't need you anymore? Or they've decided that you already "know too much"? Really scary!
@Jackalyn (6837)
• Oxford, England
3 Aug 17
I quite like the challenge. Mind you I rarely get past "hello world!" Go for it!
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• Nigeria
7 Apr
I've been doing Android programming for a year now, from my experience it's not that hard. You just need a good instructor, time and determination.
@hereandthere (32754)
• Philippines
3 Aug 17
what motivated you to learn coding? are you learning on your own?
@amnabas (10315)
• Karachi, Pakistan
3 Aug 17
I can't grasp these programming languages.