Best way to dispose a stray dead kitten?

August 3, 2017 9:57am CST
I need some advices now. As according to my earlier post, a stray mother cat is stress over a dead kitten. Now, the dead kitten is in the weeds, in my backyard. My hubby will be cutting off the weeds this week. So, I have to dispose the dead kitty by tomorrow morning before the crows feed on the dead body. I have a backyard but we are planning to move away soon. So, burying the kitty in the backyard is not a good idea, right? Imagine the new owner stumble upon the skeleton while digging up the ground. I was thinking of wrapping it up in a cling wrap, wrap up with old newspaper and put into a plastic bag, tie it up and throw it into the dump or maybe the garbage bin? Any advice?
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• Lakewood, Colorado
3 Aug
I agree with Deborah at this time, otherwise you could bury the poor creature.
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@Corbin5 (78267)
• United States
3 Aug
Oh, such a sad job you have ahead of you. If it will just be dug up by the new owners, I do believe you idea for disposal may be the way to go.
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@LadyDuck (118099)
• Switzerland
3 Aug
If your law allow you to dispose the kitten in the dump I think it's the best to do. We are obliged to inform the vet here and there is a service that takes care of the matter.