On the Road Again

@RasmaSandra (22078)
Daytona Beach, Florida
August 7, 2017 12:21pm CST
Yep, you got that right another song association for me. Even though my hubby is alright now it is taking him forever to properly recuperate from pneumonia. He is irritable and unhappy but his temperature fluctuated from normal in the morning to a bit in the afternoon so he still has a bug in him. I has finished with the antibiotics and is now take Nurofen which can be gotten over the counter and is used to wipe out infection and take away any fever. We are hoping that he will be completely well by end of this week. Of course it is rough for me as anyone knows who is taking care of or has taken care of someone who is ill. The good thing is that with all the running I do up and down our stairs I am getting great exercise and perhaps even losing some needed weight. The reason Willie Nelson’s great song “On the Road Again” came to mind is because I had to go to market on Saturday. Our Central Market here in Riga, Latvia was always the best place to buy fresh food for low prices. Hubby had told me what he wanted so I went. First of all for us living in the suburbs the market is the best place to find drug stores so I could get the Nurofen. Can you imagine that we have two supermarkets near us in the suburbs but no drug stores. You would think that having at least one drug store is top priority. Instead in one of the supermarkets which is set up in a hanger they opened a small store. Guess what they have on sale? Cigar and the store is always locked up and no one interested. You can imagine how the people around our area who have children and the senior citizens would have been thrilled to see a drug store. The supermarket does sell Pampers for families with small children but no medicaments like children’s aspirin. Anyway back to my trip. I got the tablets at market and went looking for the other items. I had just recently purchase grapes for hubby in our supermarket they cost 1.69 Euro a kilo. Cheap, delicious and healthy. At the market the same kind of grapes have a price of $3.50 a kilo. I thought say what? Sigh. I still remember the days when I went to market and held a pile of change in my hands and kept buying things until the change was spent. Now the supermarkets are cheaper than the market yet the quality of some of the products is still much better at the market. There is no justice in this world. So on Sunday I was on the road again heading to the supermarket to purchase grapes. Today is a sunny day and we have the window open. Sure hope my dear Martin can get outside soon in the garden and enjoy the sunshine. Hope your new week has started on a good note. What is happening on your side of the world?
Willie / Live @ The Grand Ole Opry
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• Eugene, Oregon
7 Aug 17
Sorry to hear the recuperation is slow. We shop at local farmers' markets too and find the prices higher than grocery stores too, but the produce is pesticide and chemical free, much fresher too. Great tune too, wish I could play it on my guitar.
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@LadyDuck (195924)
• Switzerland
8 Aug 17
I love this song, it brings back memories. I am sorry about your husband. I used to go to the Framers Markets, but they have become too much expensive. Everything costs at least twice as the prices of the supermarkets.
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• Rochester, New York
7 Aug 17
I try to shop at farmers markets. it feels good supporting the local farmers and the fruit and veggies are chemical free!
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@DianneN (97897)
• United States
7 Aug 17
So sorry to hear about Martin and your problems. I hope he recuperates quickly and fully. I live in the suburbs. We only have two farmers markets. Fortunately, the supermarket and pharmacies are a two to three mile drive away.
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