Do you snore?

August 11, 2017 12:12am CST
I think this is one of the most annoying "habits" in the world and depending on the intensity, it may represent a problem that deserves attention and care. I don't snore (thanks God! ), but I have some friends who look like they have a tractor in their mouths. It's kinda funny sometimes. What can you tell me about this?
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@mandala100 (43608)
• Hong Kong
11 Aug
@TheInvisibleMan My wife loves me for snoring my friend!
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11 Aug
@mandala100 That's awesome for you.
@mandala100 (43608)
• Hong Kong
11 Aug
@TheInvisibleMan Right my friend.
@freak369 (4929)
• United States
6 May
I won't admit that I snore but I know that there are times when I do - sometimes so loudly that I end up waking myself up.
@Hannihar (36533)
12 Dec
My cat snores but to me it is cute to listen to her and I think i do too.
@rubyriaz007 (3986)
• India
23 Oct
Yes I snore at night.My nose gets blocked.My parents, aunt ,uncle and cousins also snore. It sounds funny.But they don't do it deliberately.
@SHOHANA (7182)
• Bangladesh
20 Aug
thankfully I don't snore
@rosedust82 (2075)
• Philippines
17 Aug
I rarely snore (according to my partner). Just on really rare occasions. I do, however, grind my teeth. I've had this a few years now and I've been told it's because of stress. I've also noticed this whenever I am under a lot of stress, I do this - I sometimes even wake myself up because of it.
• United States
15 Aug
I don't know if I snore or not, since I would be asleep when it is supposed to happen. There are many different remedies for this condition now so snoring can be cured.
• United States
14 Aug
No, I don't snore. My boyfriend does snore though. He is very loud too.
@spaceseed (2893)
• India
11 Aug
I snore, and very loudly snore. only thing I can do is to sleep side wise so snoring becomes less. My kids even make copy me of snoring
@youless (91539)
• Guangzhou, China
11 Aug
I don't snore, too. My husband snores loudly but I already get used to it I can fall asleep soon and his snores will not be bothering for me so much.