Which is the best online store: Amazon vs. eBay?

August 12, 2017 2:49pm CST
Based on your experiences or comments from other people... which of the two online stores is your favorite? I really like both, but I can't choose another option besides Amazon because I think it's more complete and always offers more discounts (which is always an awesome thing ).
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@dgobucks226 (15173)
12 Aug 17
I started using Amazon more when I received some gift cards from friends and family. That kind of got me hooked. In addition to downloading music and watching movies, I always find what I'm looking for quickly.
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12 Aug 17
@dgobucks226 I love the gift cards!
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@dgobucks226 (15173)
12 Aug 17
@TheInvisibleMan Very appreciative when someone gives me a gift card! I have enough socks and ugly sweaters
@Hannihar (49129)
10 Dec 17
I have never had a store on amazon. I did try selling my calendars on ebay and I did not sell one so I am not sure if I like either one.
• Japan
6 Oct 17
I have never used eBay but I use Amazon and Amazon Japan and I like both.
@KrauseHome (35648)
• United States
17 Sep 17
Well, there are a lot of differences. Even a lot of differences many times in prices, etc. For me, it depends on what I am wanting to buy, etc. I actually also sell on both of them myself. The problem is both have Fees, but eBay is the easier and cheaper there. But overall with anything it is always a matter of preference.
@SHOHANA (7150)
• Bangladesh
19 Aug 17
I think amazon is more popular but which one is best no idea because I never purchase anything from ebay and amazon both
• United States
14 Aug 17
I have never used eBay. When ever I think of eBay I just think it is a sketchy place. I do like Amazon though and shop from there a lot.
@hotsummer (10466)
• Philippines
14 Aug 17
There are a lot of things to buy on amazon unlike in ebay it's very hard for me to find what i'm looking for. But i'm not the one who buys on those websites. Since they don't ship here in my country i just asked my brother to buy things for me who is residing in north america.
@Mrgana1 (344)
• Nigeria
13 Aug 17
Amazon is reliable, informative and it has good reviews. I love amazon cos I have treated well. My publish books on amazon and she get huge return at the end of the month
@prashu228 (25508)
• India
13 Aug 17
I like Amazon, of course it gives lots if offers it's best when compared to eBay
@skydream (1134)
• Agate, Colorado
12 Aug 17
I prefer amazon because i never had a problem with them.
@mandala100 (55010)
• Hong Kong
12 Aug 17
@TheInvisibleMan I hope we can have data or statistics as the basis of comparison my friend.
@sharon6345 (152446)
• United States
12 Aug 17
I like both as well,often I get a better deal with shipping from amazon.
@JohnRoberts (69705)
• Los Angeles, California
12 Aug 17
I prefer eBay which always has more choices for me and I never see those so called lower prices on Amazon.