Megalith remains of Gunung Padang, West Java

@yanzalong (10174)
August 14, 2017 5:38am CST
Research was conducted by archeologists from several universities to find out about the possibility of a large building existing deep under Mount Padang in Cianjur District, West Java. The archeologists believed that there was a huge building like Borobudur Temple, which was also covered with top layers of hill where scattered stones on it. The present look of Borobudur was in fact the result of excavation ordered by a Dutch Governor Thomas Stamford Raffles back in 1814 and some restorations of the top terrace of Borobudur, which experienced subsidence due to the layers of lava from the explosion of the volcano at the time. Gunung Padang has an area of 900 square meters believed to have existed since 2,500 years BC. US National Atomic Energy Agency based in Miami released result of carbon tests on coring samples present at some points. The result shows that the age of Gunung Padang is older than 11 thousand years BC.Even more surprising that the findings on the 5-12 meter depth of layers estimated that it was older than 25,000 years BC.
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14 Aug 17
@yanzalong This research involves interesting stuff my friend.
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