It's Better to Work Smart and Conserve the Energy

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@Teep11 (7137)
United States
August 14, 2017 5:53pm CST
Don't think for a minuet that working online is an easy task. Especially these days. It seems as if even a small step can be quite challenging. Why? Well there are so many users online and some are like trolls. Yes there are some of the most annoying people online. The ones who cause havoc no matter what's going on. That's why so many choose to spend less time online. There are some who rarely use" technology" simply because of all the troubling events that can take place online. No person should be detoured away from performing tasks online but no person should become stressed either. It's certainly better to complete a few tasks and then log off. Spending too much time online isn't healthy. There can be greater rewards by doing less work. Yes, I'm aware of all the communications about work hard but I've learned that working harder doesn't mean that there will be better "results". In fact there can be more burnout when trying to overwork. Working the smarter way is best. There is no need to spend long hours online. Performing less tasks can allow a person to not only experience less fatigue but can also allow the person to engage in other activities. There is no need to be consumed with the matters which take place online. There's enough to deal with in the real world. Some may choose to spend their entire day online and that's their choice but I'm not going to do so. Less stress means better health. "Trying to Save my Energy. That's Right!" (Tanikka Paulk)
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@mandala100 (50502)
• Hong Kong
14 Aug 17
@Teep11 Thank you for your interesting post my friend.
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@Deepizzaguy (15014)
• Lake Charles, Louisiana
14 Aug 17
Thank you for sharing these tips of not overworking on the internet.
@sugartoes (42565)
• Greencastle, Indiana
14 Aug 17
you have a real good point there, I have to say your so right. I work most the day online & I do take some time time off too to do like a puzzle or watch a video or take a nap or play with my dogs.