The Rapture

@JESSY3236 (7496)
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August 15, 2017 10:34am CST
I finished listening to The Rapture by Tim Lahaye and Jerry B. Jenkins. It is the third book of the Before They Were Left Behind book series. Chronologically it is the third book of the Left Behind book series. I'm glad they wrote this because I was wondering what was happening in Heaven while Rayford and the others found out they were left behind. In this book, Rayford continued "seeing" Hattie. (the other books made it seem like a harmless flirting, but this book, in my opinion, is worse. He was going out to dinner with her several times.) Rayford's wife did change churches. Instead if waiting for the presidential election, Nicolae threaten the current president of Romania. His men killed the president's mother and badly hurt his girlfriend. The current president resigned. Nicolae becomes the president of Romania. Then the Rapture happens. Rayford's wife and son go to heaven. She says she feels that she is home. The judgment of believers happens. (Even though this is a fiction book, the heaven parts are so cool and emotional. ) Then there is chaos on earth. Nicolae knows what happened by getting an answer from his spiritual guide (the Devil), but he lies to the public saying it is a chemical reaction. I really loved this book. I hope Heaven will that cool where you could go back in time and see what people did and to be able to ask Jesus anything. Next I'm listening to Kingdom Come by Tim Lahaye and Jerry B Jenkins. It is sadly the last book of the Left Behind series.
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• Australia
16 Aug 17
Would have been an emotional-drama-packed fiction Tim La Haye has ever authored and published. Yet frightening to read the eschatological interpretation of Revelation. and picture in one's mind our "pending doom to hell if we don't believe" or the promise of Heaven if we do. Tim La Haye and Jerry Jenkins were my all time favorite reads. Thanks for the review.
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@mandala100 (52369)
• Hong Kong
15 Aug 17
@JESSY3236 I'm glad my friend that you enjoyed listening to that Rapture audio and thanks you for this review.
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