I Paid For My Trip

@TLilly15 (1600)
Newport News, Virginia
August 15, 2017 10:14pm CST
Our church will be going on, a trip next month to New Jersey, to visit another church, last year i was in the room, with this woman and I felt sorry for her, so I gave her $20 to spend, then after she spend the $20, to pay for her dinner, she asked me for some money, I didn't give it to her, because I thought she was using me,then I found out she was suppose to get, her dinner money from this person that would have, paid for her dinner, when we went out to eat, so this year I will not be giving out any money, to anyone everyone is suppose to, have their own spending money and shopping money,this man told me today he might, pay for his trip, I hope he don't think I will, pay for him to go on this trip,I did not reply about the, comment that he made, people have to learn to take care of themselves.
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@prashu228 (25504)
• India
16 Aug 17
Absolutely , they have to pay for themselves
@mandala100 (50680)
• Hong Kong
16 Aug 17
@TLilly15 There's no substitute for self-reliance my friend.