Walls colored STORM GREY and Seafoam carpet in MY MAN CAVE

Dallas, Texas
August 19, 2017 9:02am CST
I may live in a cave but it's carpeted. Old carpet from an exhibit at one of the convention centers, left over after a tear down by the DECORATORS UNION workers finished up a few years back. Our friend who works for the Decorators Union lays carpet and does build ups of booths and tear downs of entire areas in both major convention centers but hotels and even The State Fair of Texas. He brought us some leftover carpet after a teardown and gave it to us. He helped us tape the perimeter with carpet tape, cut it to fit and now my MAN CAVE is soft to bare feet. I like the fact that a single piece of the other bedroom carpet leftover from the placement of new blue carpet there, is cut to a size just to fit under my computer desk so I can get an extra soft thick layer for my bare feet while writing here at myLot and enjoying a few hours of TheSims4. Yea, I know they are planning a demonstration Downtown today. I won't be there. I will catch up with the shennanigans there later on the local news. It seems they are going to protest the White Nationalist Party and there will be bad stuff happening today I am almost certain. One clear indication of the numbers that will likely be there today is based on the simple fact that early this morning at around 6:30 AM today, August 19, Saturday, 2017, the street traffic was next to none. Usually there are many more cars on the road even as early as 5 AM on any day of the week. There must be a large number of people going to that rally or demonstration in Downtown Dallas, TX today. Here is a link about it below: I do not endorse this type of human activity. I am a messenger to myLot, because I care and want to share the latest hot topics about things that matter most in our everyday lives.
Activists are planning a rally against white supremacy Saturday evening near the Confederate War Memorial in Dallas.The protest is planned from...
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19 Aug 17
Yes stay safe in your cave for now Anthony. I wouldn´t bother going to that for sure.
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