Should We Stop Military Spending?

By Shey
August 20, 2017 6:39pm CST
With the $12 billion price tag of the new U.S.S Gerald Ford “supercarrier,” military spending has reached an unprecedented amount around the world. So, what is your opinion about this matter?
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@Mike197602 (13911)
• United Kingdom
21 Aug 17
I'd say if it was my country I'd be a little more bothered. As your example is down to US taxpayers I'd say I have no issue The UK currently has one or two carriers about to come on line and I'd say they are necessary to our national defence and I'm happy to pay my tax to get them. With generation 5 fighter bombers I think they are cutting edge.
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@sabtraversa (13331)
• Italy
21 Aug 17
Some countries need military and war, others prefer different means. With an increasing technology and world population (and inflation), the cost rises. The US starts conflicts to get economical benefits, such as oil (Iraq, for instance). China and North Korea are rich in rare metals, necessary for our modern technology, and you know what the current situation between the US and NK is like.