Color and Psychology (Yellow)

@gnatsmom (1261)
August 22, 2017 7:36am CST
I always describe yellow as the bi-polar color. If colors could take on human traits, yellow would be that unpredictable friend or family member that you never know what to expect from them. One minute they are "on cloud nine" and the next "down in the dumps". This is yellow, depending on the shade utilized. The lighter and brighter shades lend to cheerfulness, creativity, optimism, emotional strength, etc. The darker shades, however, lend to irrationality, jealousy, and caution. If contemplating using yellow for more than accent color, carefully consider the purpose of the room and those who will be most utilizing it. For instance, I re purposed one of our small bedrooms into a playroom for my grandchildren. I let the babies help me choose the color they wanted, and they unanimously decided on a bright yellow. Knowing how powerful this color can be, I made a few considerations before consenting to their request. First of all, they would only be playing in this room, not sleeping or studying. This is where I wanted them to b joyful and silly and let their imaginations soar. Also the room was very small, and brighter colors of yellow will open up a room, giving it the illusion of being more spacious. Taking this into consideration, yellow seemed to be the perfect choice. Two years later and my babies still love it.
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@pitstop (7234)
• India
22 Aug 17
Interesting series of discussions. I like reading them. Not much I can add though!
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@mandala100 (50705)
• Hong Kong
23 Aug 17
@gnatsmom Thank you my friend on your discussion about the yellow color and its psychological implication.