It's So Easy For Some People....

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August 25, 2017 2:26pm CST
Good Friday afternoon my fellow mylotters!!!! If you've read any of my posts lately, you'll know my mother-in-law aren't getting along. I can honestly say that I have tried, but some times there comes a point in time when you are only enabling people and you don't even get any gratitude for it, they just want you to do more! Anyway, I wrote about post about how the mother-in-law decided she was going to keep her chickens. In that post I even posted her post from FaceBook. Well, they were always hers, but she quit caring for them for 2 years!! I wasn't going to let them die or suffer because of her laziness!! Then the day before her FaceBook post she was telling me and my husband how she just wanted the coop, we could have the chickens. She could get fresh eggs 29 cents a dozen. It would cost her more in feed than what she could get out of those chickens. So we could have them!! Then she comes out with that post!! Anyway, the reason for this post is that some people when they speak is every thing they say is lies. For example, she was bragging how she got 7 eggs!! Well, first off she only had 6 hens and a rooster!! Apparently the rooster "died!" So, now how can you get 7 eggs when there are only 6 hens!!! She was also telling my hubby how she had the side car (now our son has and motorcycle) for 30 years!!! Well, I hate to bust her bubble, but over 30 years ago I was still in the family (for 5 years) and she never even had a motorcycle let alone a side car. So, my husband said he's been driving truck for 60 years!!!! He's only 54 years old!! I don't know whatever happened, the mother-in-law and I use to get along, but maybe it's because she does two things I don't like and they are lieing and stealing!! For her, lieing and stealing are just like something you do every day and think that there is nothing wrong with it!! ~Peace~
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25 Aug 17
Oh dear still at it she is Jodee. No surprise because as you say it is a way of life for them. I am sorry you have to suffer through it too.
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