Do you like to eat canned foods?

August 27, 2017 3:51pm CST
They're definitely not my kind of thing , but if I have to eat them (when there is no other better option)... I don't mind. But the taste of fresh food is obviously superior and tastier in every single way. How this works for you?
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@KristenH (23672)
• Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
27 Aug
From time to time like beans for example. I do prefer fresh and frozen veggies.
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@mandala100 (39256)
• Hong Kong
27 Aug
@TheInvisibleMan I used canned goods if I'm running out of time to cook my friend.
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• Pamplona, Spain
28 Aug
Fresh food above anything if I can. Canned foods only if I have to.
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@Tracy04 (10527)
• Malaysia
28 Aug
Ahem..... I will take canned food if the canteen at my hostel closed.
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@averygirl72 (16655)
• Philippines
28 Aug
Canned foods comes in handy when the supply for fresh food runs out. But once or thrice a week we eat canned foods. I like tuna and luncheon meats
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• United States
27 Aug
I keep cans of soup on hand but generally don't eat much canned foods
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@JohnRoberts (54196)
• Los Angeles, California
27 Aug
It depends on the canned food. But very few these days.
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@DEMI12 (590)
• Guangdong, China
9 Nov
no,i do not like canned foods, it is no fresh, not healthy.I like fresh fish and fresh vegetables!
• Mombasa, Kenya
9 Nov
I don't d OK canned food, not me
@rubyriaz007 (3418)
• India
9 Nov
Yes, I like canned foods like canned peas, chickpeas, sausages.It is easy to prepare. I don't buy it always but.
@Hannihar (32848)
10 Oct
I eat string beans out of a can and tuna out of a can. There are things I like to make myself and things I eat from a can or a box.