Look what you made me do!

August 28, 2017 9:19pm CST
I think this must have happened to everyone, but... Let's go! Have you ever found yourself in a situation where someone has upset you so much that you ended up doing or saying something that it caused you some regret because normally that was something you wouldn't say?
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@dgobucks226 (15256)
29 Aug 17
My mouth is always ahead of my brain! I do it a lot I'm in need of a "do over" or "edit" button all the time
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30 Aug 17
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@Ithink (10492)
• United States
29 Aug 17
Yes and it is normally someone being just stupid about something or if it is a pity me person that they only complain every time you talk to them. I mean if it is once in awhile I totally understand but if it is constant, my mouth opens before my brain thinks sometimes!
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@kepweng (19407)
• Waikoloa, Hawaii
29 Aug 17
im not easily upset but i have many regrets in my life and trials
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@Hannihar (49480)
10 Oct 17
I have foot and mouth disease. There are times I just open it and do not think what I am saying and then afterwards I may regret what I did. I regret also keeping my mouth shut and then opening it to ask something then I get lots of people attacking me for one simple question and it isn't always the person that will attack but others around him. I think afterwards should have just let it go.