Pakistan is a "terrorist country" or not ?...who agree or diagree with it ?

August 30, 2017 11:36am CST
Pakistan has been accused a terrorism sponsoring country by it's neighbor country India and Afghanistan. Not only India and Afghanistan, many western countries like United states of America, United Kingdom and many others are agreed with this conclusion.I just want to know what the rest of the world is thinking about. India has been consistent alleging that Pakistan is involved in training and supplying arms and ammunition to the militants in Kashmir to unrest Kashmir valley.So what's your stand on this matter? Will you agree that "Pakistan is a terrorist Country?"
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@zarlamain (24874)
• United States
30 Aug 17
It is not a terrorist country. How can you define an entire country as such?
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31 Aug 17
I am not defining that entire country is full of terrorist, and it can't be, i am just want to say few terrorism building up there and who is indulging it? I want to know the whole thought of the world.
@ms1864 (6975)
• Bangalore, India
31 Aug 17
There are people within that country making bad choices which is impacting the countries image. But we can't generalise.
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@Hamza10 (15)
• Rawalpindi, Pakistan
1 Aug
Pakistan is the only country in south Asia who is strongly against terrorism. Terrorism is mainly sponsored by US and India.
3 Aug
Really ? Wake-up ..... I am sure that general people of pakistan don't support terrorism, the politician,ministers and bureaucrats are the main culprit to remain terrorism because of their own profit. If general people like you don't understand, they won't stop their activity and young generation of your country will suffer. Just look carefully one thing, every politician,ministers and bureaucrats's son or daughter are studying abroad they don't stay in your country why ? They earn money by terrorism and supply those money to their son and daughter and general people are suffering. so please try to understand it.
• Rawalpindi, Pakistan
5 Aug
@earnmonwithtalK You are brainwashed against Pakistan.
@hereandthere (33054)
• Philippines
31 Aug 17
are you from india or from pakistan? why do you want to know?
4 Sep 17
@hereandthere I am an Indian. As an Indian it's quite natural that I will support India, but that's not matter, I want to know what the rest of the world think? are they really think the same as i have discussed.
• Pakistan
4 Sep 17
Every country supports some un-official mercenary groups to work in their interest. It's not something new. Pakistan has been doing that, India has been doing that, even the US has been doing that, to take out the anti-U.S. forces in Iraq and Syria. I think you are wise enough to understand it now.
@mandala100 (52616)
• Hong Kong
30 Aug 17
@earnmonwithtalk While there might be some terrorist in that country from all indication, we need to know if the Pakistan Government itself is engaged in a state-sponsored terrorism then in that case that will be againt International Law.
@marguicha (104059)
• Chile
30 Aug 17
I could not say as I donĀ“t know enough.