Nowadays do you think cooking is easier than it used to be?

August 30, 2017 1:51pm CST
This is what my mom says everytime she sees those quick recipes on multiple channels on YouTube: "Oh my God, it's everything so easy!" (and I think she's kinda right about it). But how do you see this new gastronomic / culinary scenario?
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@mandala100 (55084)
• Hong Kong
30 Aug 17
@TheInvisibleMan The basic principles of cooking remains the same my friend althought it's a bit easier today with all the modern gadgets and equiptment etc.
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@Hannihar (49246)
17 Oct 17
I just make things and also improvise and hope that it turns out fine.
@dodoazo (22064)
• Philippines
5 Sep 17
An expert cook wouldn't boost but rather talk it his experience. It's eaasy for them to watch how the recipe is done.
@Tracy04 (11323)
• Malaysia
5 Sep 17
I guess so
@ms1864 (6969)
• Bangalore, India
31 Aug 17
It does look easy... but I dont enjoy cooking so I dont personally try it. my mom watches such things though. She too finds it quite easy.
@youless (95250)
• Guangzhou, China
31 Aug 17
I think so. At least today we have advanced tools like electrical pressure cooker, bread machine, electrical mixer and so on. It makes everything well ready in a short time.
@SHOHANA (7150)
• Bangladesh
31 Aug 17
yup i think cooking is eary nowadays
@averygirl72 (16643)
• Philippines
30 Aug 17
Easier now because you can watch it in sites like Youtube how to cook a certain recipe