Petyr in last episode of got

September 1, 2017 11:47am CST
Oke , so , this season was great, of course all seasons of game of thrones are amazing . But i want to know what do you think about Petyr Baelish alias Littlefinger death ... personally ? I feel really sad , i liked him, even in the last 2 seasons he didnt do that much. When he bend the knee and cried and said he loved Sansa more than anything heart broke , i swear . I think Sansa should killed him cuz in this episod everybody talked about Ned , and that would have done Ned . I think Jon even its not his real son , he behaves the most like him. Anyway , tell me your opinion about Littlefinger cuz i already miss him and i need to know what others thinks about this character
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@holdoors (1664)
• Malaysia
1 Sep 17
I think he thinks he has a plan but he is not careful enough. There's no Plan B and he expects all his schemes to work.
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1 Sep 17
He was much smarter in the first seasons tho
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@MALUSE (43483)
• Uzbekistan
1 Sep 17
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