Going to church with a Tablet instead of a bible

September 3, 2017 2:37am CST
Most times we follow trends and let go of whatever anyone thinks.Most people prefer going to the church with a Tablet that have pre-installed bible and hymns or they ones installed by them. Do you think we are still being godly by replacing the bible with our phones?Does it really matter where we read the scriptures from or sing with?
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@gilggg (2668)
• Israel
3 Sep
I do not think that with the help of what we are praying, the main thing is the intention of our prayer and our truth in the desire to realize it.
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• Japan
3 Sep
I like to have a print Bible to look things up in. I think we learn the location of things by using print, but we can get the concepts through any written format. Maybe this is what Jesus meant by "even the stones will cry out"-- I have had this thought before. Minerals and energy (electricity in this case) can be part of creation praising God, I think.
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@kepweng (16794)
• Waikoloa, Hawaii
3 Sep
my mother do this most of the time she dong bring bible anymore
3 Sep
so do you think is godly enough?
@mandala100 (46121)
• Hong Kong
3 Sep
@augusta123 I think even the modern technologies could be used for the greater glory of God my friend. God is an understanding God and I think He is not narrow-minded.
3 Sep
How do you know this my friend.Is it through the holy spirit?
@franxav (5197)
3 Sep
Perhaps one day they will attend a recorded Holy Service.
3 Sep
haha recorded service. this is funny.
@holdoors (1672)
• Malaysia
3 Sep
I guess it is more convenient. The medium used should not be an issue.
3 Sep
Really?you think so?