Where did the firelies go?

September 7, 2017 12:36pm CST
When I was young I used to see one of those flickering tiny insects, but now I haven't any one those for many years. They said that they only live where the air is clean but in our superstitious belief they said that a Big Foot like thing with a cigarrete lives in that area where the fireflies is. But is it really the cause of having a pollution that make those fireflies gone away now?
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@Happy2BeMe (74936)
• Canada
7 Sep 17
We have lots of fireflies around here. My grand daughter loves to catch them when we go camping. They are gone this time of year but they were around in July and August.
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@hereandthere (32789)
• Philippines
8 Sep 17
i guess you're talking about the tikbalang (?) though i haven't heard of that correlation with fireflies (alitaptap). i remember red dragonflies (tutubing kalabaw) and small damselflies (tutubing karayom) and beetles (salagubang) when we were kids (even if we live here in the city) but don't see them anymore.
@prashu228 (25504)
• India
8 Sep 17
I can some here , but very less. They are very less in number now.
@sabtraversa (13331)
• Italy
7 Sep 17
It's probably because of pollution, although the legend/superstitious belief is cool. I've seen them in the hills, or in the countryside, quiet areas with very few cars running close. And of course, areas with no light pollution. It must be very dark to spot them.
• United States
7 Sep 17
Oh is it the same there..no fireflies anymore? Same here, they are dwindling..there were many when I was a child.