Good evening, myLotters ! 9-7-17

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@xstitcher (12535)
Petaluma, California
September 7, 2017 8:39pm CST
Hello, all ! The children at work today were going "stir crazy" or had "cabin fever" or something -- I guess from being kept inside out of the extreme heat we've had. Today they did get to play outside, I was working upstairs with the toddlers, and the toddler teacher and I could hear all of the commotion downstairs of the older children giving the teacher a bad time. We were really low on children upstairs, so I went downstairs to help the other teacher with the rowdy children. After nap time, the afternoon just seemed to drag. I don't think any of the teachers were feeling 100%, and I thank the Lord that I made it as well as I did! I am so so so thankful that tomorrow is Friday !
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@prashu228 (25504)
• India
8 Sep 17
My day was as usual.. hope you had a good day
@Courtlynn (55300)
• United States
8 Sep 17
Sorry it wasn't a great day. Hope tomorrow is better for everyone!