Stormbuster 2000

Dallas, Texas
September 8, 2017 10:43am CST
Sam and Jake had an idea they wanted to share. This is a fictional story that I hope will inspire real people to think about. The story begins here: New America One was a mile high tower of concrete, glass and steel, that housed the residents and workers inside what could be effectively called a city inside. Part of the New America Group, New America One was one of 5 towering structures that sat in the Panhandle of Texas and was created to both provide an enclosed community or city or group of people who were well educated in science and engineering and design among others. People who lived in these mile high towers lived, worked and played and prayed, together, within the many stories of each structure. Gone were the days of highway traffic. You would walk to work or ride an elevator to work or go to the top of the tower and be air shuttled to another tower where you would begin your day at the office, school or hospital or any number of places where your particular skill took you. Meantime Sam and Jake worked on level 500 in New America One. They were two scientists who used computers to create models of architecture that would stand up to high winds that could potentially destroy a tower with winds at upwards of 250 mph. Even though such storms of this intensity were not yet to be experienced, the future projections of weather patterns indicated a surge or uprising of a new category 7 type tornado or hurricane. The idea Sam and Jake had was called THE STORM BUSTER 2000. It was a ship that carried several rocket turbine engines that would create wind velocities pushing upward into a vortex of an early developing tropical depression creating wind forces that were counter to the rotation of the depression of the developing potential tropical storm. Along with this Attempts to lower the temperature at the center of the formation and using special chemical drops from jets flying directly overhead, these all would work together in harmony, to effectively diminish or completely dissipate a potential hurricane before it even got off to a good start and also there were electro-magnetic generators that were designed to create negative or positive ions to help prevent such storms from even emerging in the first place. Sam and Jake were on the computer plotting points of the Atlantic near Bermuda where potential for future storm development might soon take place in the coming fall in the month of September just as the month of storms in April was in the spring. The year was 2020.
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@RasmaSandra (22078)
• Daytona Beach, Florida
8 Sep 17
Interesting and very creative. You should gather up your stories and get them published.
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• Dallas, Texas
8 Sep 17
I started to work on some but found it more stressful to try to write a novel when I had lots more fun just sharing ideas and writing here at myLot. I do appreciate your compliments.
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