Storm Stress!

September 11, 2017 2:57pm CST
I am in Canada, completely away from the storms, but when I check to see what's going on in Florida and other places that have been hit with storm Harvey and Irma, I feel sick to my stomach. I am concerned about the people, but more I am devastated about all the animals that are suffering, or lost. I saw a photo of two parrots taking refuge on a hotel windowsill outside and I'm so saddened by this. Also when you hear people leave their pets tied up outside and then take off. I find this so upsetting and heart breaking. Does anyone else feel awful about what's going on with all the animals, that are being impacted by this. They had to move all the animals from the Florida Zoo, but you still wonder if they will survive. Animals can also die of stress and panic. Aaaaghhh! I'm freaking out!
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@Kandae11 (40340)
11 Sep 17
It is awful when you think of what everyone impacted by those storms suffer - and that includes the animals as well. Thing is, we are just in the middle of the hurricane season - it ends on November 30.
• Canada
11 Sep 17
Holy smokes! Is it worse than usual this year? I just feel so bad, especially when I saw a picture of the two parrots stuck outside on a windowsill 22 stories up, trying to seek shelter. I really hope they make it! If I was in that hotel room, I swear I would open one of the windows, but then maybe that would make it worse, if they panic!