Good Night, myLotters ! 9-11-17

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@xstitcher (11257)
Petaluma, California
September 12, 2017 12:47am CST
It's nearly eleven o clock, and I need to get to bed. My head hurts a bit, and my stomach doesn't feel the greatest. I don't know what those kids shared with me at work. Then again, maybe it was my boss, who wasn't feeling well when she drove me home last time. Mom is not feeling so great, either, so she said we won't be going shopping tomorrow (maybe Wednesday?). I have a funny feeling (no pun intended) that I won't be going back to work this week. Hopefully a lot of tea and soup and stuff like that will help. Right now I need to head to bed. Hope that you have a great day/evening/etc. in your part of myLot land !
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• Nairobi, Kenya
12 Sep
May all of you get well soon. Good night and good morning. It is morning here
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@SAM774 (3684)
12 Sep
Good Morning .... from my side
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@prashu228 (25820)
• India
12 Sep
Hope you had a wonderful sleep.
@xstitcher (11257)
• Petaluma, California
12 Sep
Thank you, @prashu288 it was pretty good.
@Tracy04 (10527)
• Malaysia
14 Sep
Hope you get well soon!
@allen0187 (33150)
• Philippines
12 Sep
Good night! Hope you have a rest sleep!
@m_audrey6788 (13825)
• Germany
12 Sep
I can see not too much good things happened in your day but I hope you can still have a good night sleep and things might be good tomorrow! See you later!