Is diabetes curative?

September 13, 2017 3:02am CST
My dad has been experiencing series of illnesses for over 2 years now. From HBP to prostrate cancer, from prostrate issue to typhoid and malaria, them from the later to excessive and persistent high blood sugar. We have visited many hospitals and it has not been well with him. Everyone should help me pray
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@GardenGerty (98039)
• United States
13 Sep
Sometimes the medications you must take for some of these other conditions can cause elevated blood sugars. As his health is restored it may normalize. Otherwise, the answer is that high blood sugar and diabetes can be controlled but not cured. Besides praying he needs to look at his diet. Eliminate or reduce refined carbohydrates, things made from potatoes, rice, and flour, and increase fiber and protein while getting more exercise like walking. I hope he begins to heal from all of these things.
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• Jaipur, India
13 Sep
We all pray for your dad.
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@peachpurple (12851)
• Malaysia
15 Sep
I am so sorry for your dad. My dad has HPB too but his condition is under control since he is strict to his diet and daily lifestyle. Go to government hospital for further checkup and medication. Praying for your dad.
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