What are those traditions that you feel should be abolished

September 13, 2017 3:54am CST
We are born into tribes that some traditions we meet on the ground are quite barbaric and demonic, and you're like who brought about these laws and traditions. .The popular one I know is widowhood rites, where a bereaved wife is given the water used in bathing his dead husband to drink, all in the name of proving her innocence, and you wonder why a wife would want to kill her husband, let alone kill him. Some quarters would force a bereaved wife to marry the late husband's brother and stuff like genital mutilation for the young girls and wife battery.I think these traditions should be openly stopped What are those traditions you feel should be abolished?
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@UmiNoor (3487)
• Malaysia
13 Sep
Looks like the practices that you mentioned above are oppressive to women. These practices should indeed be abolished. I don't subscribe to any cultural practices of my race that oppress women and children. In fact, most of these oppressive practices of my race had been abolished.
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@shynu44 (4904)
13 Sep
nasty traditional practices should be abolished
13 Sep
Sure, totally agree with you
@MALUSE (40052)
• Germany
13 Sep
Is there a special reason why you haven't added the name of your country to your account page? The traditions you've mentioned here mean nothing to people living in Europe. It would be absurd to discuss them.