Another late one...

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@xstitcher (12462)
Petaluma, California
September 16, 2017 12:44am CST
...10:37 pm this time. So glad tomorrow's Saturday. The friend who took Mom to the doctor today offered to take me shopping tomorrow, but when I was talking to my brother on the phone this evening I realized that we really didn't need enough in the house to warrant her coming all the way she has to come just for that little bit. Mom asked when I spoke to her on the phone (before my brother) that I pick up around the house, so I'll do that. Of course with Mom not here, my dog is confused. I'll have to pay extra attention to her tomorrow. So, I'll see how it goes. Lord willing, tomorrow will be a good day.
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• United States
28 Sep 17
I hope your tomorrow which would of been Sept 17th was easier . . .
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@prashu228 (25504)
• India
16 Sep 17
Hope you are having a good day so far. I just finished dinner.
@mandala100 (50355)
• Hong Kong
16 Sep 17
@xstitcher I hope that your mom is alright my friend. I'll see you later on.