@wunnam (193)
Accra, Ghana
September 16, 2017 8:05pm CST
I think every one like Peace. But the big question is that: how are we going to do in order for us to always have peace with us? Are we going to be calm, or disassociate our self from people? Or how do you think one can do in order to always have peace of mind?
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@Christinb (400)
17 Sep 17
Peace comes from knowing God and appreciating fellow human beings
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@kepweng (19190)
• Waikoloa, Hawaii
17 Sep 17
just dont be quarel to someone and you will have peace of mind right?
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• United States
21 Sep
On our own, we cannot achieve and maintain true genuine peace of mind and peace of heart.Genuine peace must come from God and comes from doing the will of Jehovah God. When one has true peace of heart and peace of mind, our external circumstances and problems will not overwhelm us or paralyze us to the point where we are overly anxious. Serving and worshiping God and knowing what His purpose is for obedient humans and the earth gives you real peace, as well as following in God's son, Jesus' footsteps.
@Teep11 (7196)
• United States
17 Sep 17
My peace is found by meditating and through reading the word of God. Peace can be obtained but some seem to have difficulties generating peace. Still blessed.
@kobesbuddy (57452)
• East Tawas, Michigan
17 Sep 17
The only genuine peace of mind, comes from God above! He is our only source of lasting peace:)