UNO Card Game

September 18, 2017 4:02am CST
When I was small ,I used to like to play UNO card game.I along with my sister and cousins play the game. After you learn to play the game ,it becomes very interesting. How many of you like playing it.
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@Dioxan (7)
18 Sep 17
I was always bad at regular card games, but UNO seems fine for me - it's fun in its simplicity. And a pro is that you can play already from 2 players, upwards. Great fun for parties.
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@youless (95265)
• Guangzhou, China
18 Sep 17
This is a game that sometimes we will play together. It is a game that good for parents and children. It will make our relationship closer.
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@Scrapper88 (1319)
• United States
18 Sep 17
It has been awhile since I played UNO.
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@peachpurple (12756)
• Malaysia
18 Sep 17
nope i never play uno
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@pitstop (8351)
• India
18 Sep 17
Uno is one of my favorite games. I still play it.