Women's safety.

September 20, 2017 10:53am CST
In this world we see increase of crimes on women are increasing.They are not safe anywhere, at workplace, at home at schools and colleges girls are not safe. Parents get really concerned about their daughters,when they step out from their houses. Till she reaches back ,they have no peace of mind. What steps can be taken to ensure safety for women.
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@MALUSE (43549)
• Uzbekistan
20 Sep 17
"In this world..." --- I don't think that you can speak for the whole world. The situation in European countries is certainly different from your country. This does not mean that crimes against women don't exist but the numbers are different.
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@mandala100 (50502)
• Hong Kong
20 Sep 17
@rubyriaz007 Do you feel safe yourself my friend? Teaching them delf-defense or martial arts is the best way on the personal level. Another thing is information campaign against crimes and about perosnal safety. Another thing is strict law enforcement my friend.
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20 Sep 17
Wear dresses of iron with locks, (joking) it is difficult to educate and motivate everyone, police society rulling education behaviour everything has to change even internet, i felt its difficult for you to implement thats why i suggested you, for iron dresses
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@Kind4321 (850)
• Nairobi, Kenya
21 Sep 17
It is different in my country.Crimes exist but there is the law. In your country maybe there can be sensitization on gender equality,the law taking its place in the society to protect women and also we can raise up the boy child in such a way they know that women to deserve respect and care.
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@rhpinc (1416)
• Las Vegas, Nevada
20 Sep 17
I agree that there are dangers, but I think you are perpetuating things to be bigger then they really are. It also depends on where you are from too, some countries women are not safe at all, I can agree with that though, however it is not like that everywhere.... If you are in one of those countries, try to figure out how to defend yourself, or get away from there if you can. Easier said then done I know. I also appreciate you sharing with us....