Make your own Celebrity Big Brother cast

Calgary, Alberta
September 20, 2017 12:27pm CST
Even if you don't like big brother, I am sure you can make your own fantasy cast of people you want to be stuck together for 30 days. If I will be given the power to make a cast of people I want to be exploited for a month here are the people I will choose. Lindsey Lohan- She use to be this beloved chilstar. She had been involved with drugs,alcohol, abusive relationships and also have multiple criminal charges from the past. I am sure she is going to be fun to watch. My worry though is that the house might have alcohol and we know Lindsey's history with Alcohol. I heard she recently converted to Islam and I want to see if she is really changed for real. Dennis Rodman- he is a mess in Celebrity Apprentice and I know he is a fight magnet. There is no need for editing manipulation for him to be involved on a fight. Mike Tyson- I want to see someone lost their ear. Kate Hudson - She auditioned for Survivor twice at the height of her fame but she got rejected. I think this is the closest thing to Survivor she can join and it is easier because it is inside a house. Tom Cruise- he worships aliens and he jumps on couches. Just imagine him without his meds. Tomi Lahren- I heard this Republican supporting news anchor got fired. So she might accept this gig. Bjork- This singer is known for her weird music, Weird costumes before Lady Gaga even existed and she is known for punching people. Russell Hantz- this 2 time Survivor runner up is so easy to hate. I want to see him getting bit in the ear by Mike Tyson and being punched by Bjork. Octomom- She got famous for giving birth for octoplets as a result of artificial insemination. She is very hated in America. Charlie Sheen- He is nuts, He is crazy and he is weird....I am not sure if they will allow him because he is HIV positive. Paige- This WWE wrestler have an upcoming movie based on her life. She got suspended twice because of failed drug test. Got involved on a stabbing incident. Airport employees sued her for domestic abuse because of what she did with her boyfriend. WWE wanted her to break up with her boyfriend because they see him as bad influenced and she have a sex tape that got leaked few months ago. Jake Paul- He is very hated right now and he is the most popular Youtuber at this moment. His neighbors will be happy to experience a whole month without him.He is hated for creating the worst song ever. Having a huge fanbase of teens despite of being a bad influence. Omorosa- She is one of Trump's advisers. The most hated contestant of Apprentice ever. She is so Loyal to Trump despite of the fact he fired her 5 times. Anthony Wiener- he is a US Senator who got his career ruined for tweeting his nude pics to random women. He is a democrat so he will be stuck with the Republican Omorosa. Marty Janetty and His daughter- I just realized I punished Kate Hudson by surrounding her with awful people but this is Public voted. So she might win. Who are the 12 celebrities you want to force to live together?
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• United States
20 Sep 17
Since Big Brother is actually doing a celebrity edition around the holidays they might take into consideration some of your suggestions. Since I'm fan of Big Brother your fantasy cast certainly made me laugh and it would be worth watching that's for sure
• Calgary, Alberta
20 Sep 17
Do you have a fantasy cast of your own, I think I also want to see a couple about to divorce. That would be instant drama.
@RasmaSandra (20337)
• Daytona Beach, Florida
20 Sep 17
I couldn't tell you. Most of the celebrities I used to enjoy have passed on or are quite old and I do not know too much about the new ones.
• Calgary, Alberta
20 Sep 17
I think they might actually cast some elderly celebrities. The cast i created above are people who are most likely to be in a fight... With the 24/7 camera broadcast, Some celebrities will got their careers ruined. IN UK big brother 3 racist females celebrities lost their fame for their racism against an Indian actress got recorded by the audience live.
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