The Religious Man and Miracles

September 21, 2017 2:01pm CST
In my life as a religious being I have asked many "why" questions particularly on contemporary prophecy and miracles; why do the prophecy and messages of some of our contemporary prophets differ from the old? Why do our prophets not see and tell the sins of the church just like Isaiah, Jeremiah, etc?, why do they only see witches, wizards and men stopping people's progress just like the native doctors? Why are their prophecies and messages mostly only on progress?. I can't fully make a list of the "why" questions. Having read through the lines of the Holy writ, I understand how the partriachs and prophets preached, prophesied and performed miracles through God's enablement and it's totally far from what I experience today. Something is wrong then. Many have lost their spiritual birth right because of miracles, many have given up their genuine faith in the Creator because of the buffoonery acts of calculated miracles performed by men who have overtly recplaced God's position yet people follow blindly. The problem-fraughted man has bowed to man in lieu of the Creator, they no longer value the lead by the Arm of Salvation who was made flesh. Man in his activities has drastically and painfully reduced his Creator to nothing as he assumes the master of his life.The attention of man has been drawn from the Creator to those who occupy the seat of Moses, man now looks up to man for help and miracles. The Isrealites made the golden calf for two reasons; distrust in the unseen God and need for a visible God. Man has made himself God while presenting himself as a source of help and miracles.There is death in the port! Spiritual dependence and complacency become the conditions of lazy folks who have pledged their allegiance to man than the Creator. What "the men in suit" say becomes truth when not found in the sacred pages. The Oracle stated "work out your salvation with fear and trembling...", man forgot the conclusion of the whole life matter which is "to keep the commandments of God". The fear is loving and obeying your creator, Christ has already made spiritual providence to work it out with you.You are never alone in the race. The life of man has become at variance to that of his Creator, man intentionally rebels against the Holy one of Israel. It seems he has united with fallen angels to doubt and undermine the Creator's government. Thank God for the gift of grace.The Judgement is really brutal! I am really afraid of the impending danger, it makes my soul afraid and I tremble at it's imagination. Many become atheists daily because there is evil in the church and in the character of professors of Christ, proselytizing people into Christianity becomes a hard job even to the Holy Spirit. Yes even to the Spirit. How? God does not impose conversion, it starts with yielding yourself to His dictates. When you don't give way for His influence and supremacy over your life there is no conversion. No matter how hard the spirit of God ministered to Pharoah through signs and people, Pharoah remained Pharoah. It is easier to convert one who is sinful but believes in God than one who once believed in God. We make atheists in lieu of theists because we have failed in our duties as followers of Christ. Obedience is far from the emphasis of contemporary preachings. Dare to preach It, you would end up driving members. As it were in the time of real Israelites, the people of God now beckon the preachers of faith to "prophesy smooth things". Noise, theatrical displays, enchantments, calculated or planned miracle and gibberish tongues become the invigorating signs of the Spirit and lively church. I pity madness clothed in sanctimoniousity! The religious world is widening in darkness and madness, only genuine faith can distinguish the wrong from right with the eyes of the scriptures. "Curse be the man that puts his trust in man", this is a wise counsel from the book of Law. A time to be spiritually jointed with God and become independent in study and prayer is now. Man cannot help, any help that comes from man is the handiwork of God. God has people and He knows his flock. Stand up for what is right and stop pursuing signs cos "signs follow those who believe". Stop following man cos he will never help you. Prayer is the channel for open doors to your creator, that is the channel to the mediator. Verify all that come your way and take your stance on the Holy writ not man. As for me and my family the Holy writ is my prophet and pastor, I would rather obey God than man.
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21 Sep 17
I will also obey God rather then man. Good discussion!
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