wafer biscuit

September 22, 2017 1:43am CST
When I was a child ,I enjoyed having wafer biscuits. My favorite flavor was chocolate ,and orange wafer biscuit. I used to take these wafers in my snack box and share it with my friends.They also enjoy having it. My parents often buy for us these wafer biscuits. I still cherish those wafer biscuits and miss them a lot..
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22 Sep 17
I also love wafer biscuits. And now that i have kids i introduce it to them and they love it as well. And when they are snacking on wafer biscuits, i cant help but take some and eat it. Haha. Do you have kids? When was the last time that you eat wafer biscuits?
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• India
22 Sep 17
No I don't have kids. Six months back I had wafer biscuits..
22 Sep 17
@rubyriaz007 well 6 months back is kinda way too long if you are craving for it. I just had one while we were swimming by the pool awhile ago. Haha. Hey you have a nice day.
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@Tracy04 (10815)
• Malaysia
25 Sep 17
I still love wafer biscuits until now.