September 24, 2017 5:06pm CST
One's weaving in creation determines his direction in life. A factual, deep and dreadful statement that has stood explicit and evident in the anals of history is, "whatsoever a man sows so shall he reap". This corroborates that good deeds precipitate goodness while bad deeds evolve evil. Bassey Udoh in his sermon at Clifford University drew my attention to the fact that "in reaping you reap plenty". He buttressed this point with a maize grain. When you sow a maize grain, at the point of harvest it yields more than a grain. The law of reaping and sowing is such that governs the actions and activities of man on earth. This is the law that brings loads or fate to mankind, when you sow what is good you will have the easy yoke, vice versa. One day in a market place, I spared some few minutes to observe people's activities. My attention was mostly drawn to people who carried loads, probably beause I thought it was too stressful to carry loads or due to the way they carried loads. A lot of people carried loads on the head, on the shoulder, in the trucks, wheel barrow, on the bike, at hand while some carried at the back. One other observation was that the loads carried by different individuals are of different sizes and weights, also some seemed small in size but very heavy. Amidst people moving too and fro in the market place were just few people who "seemingly" weren't carrying any load, they moved freely and manoeuvring vehicles and people with "visible" loads. One truth I philosophised is that "everyone in the market has a load, visible or invisible to the eye". In support of this conclusion, no one goes to the market empty handed, it's either you carry goods to the market or you take money alongside to buy, the money is a substance and therefore a light weight. Some minutes later, I discovered that those who didn't carry load later carried loads and those who carried dropped theirs. These observations pricked my imagination, I went into deep thoughts and quickly remembered the old saying that "life is like a market place". I shook my head and kept repeating that maxim and reminiscing the scenarios I pictured at the market. While pondering on this, many questions came to mind; why is everyone busy? Why are some people carrying loads? Why are some not carrying loads? Why do the loads differ in sizes and weight? Why could it be that those who didn't carry loads later carried? What could be the message I need to understand and why did I pause to observe so carefully? Hmmm... the desideratum for careful living is careful observations and eduacation. Careful observations have always informed my choice of leading life and source of education. What could be the spiritual significance of loads? Loads philosophically singnify burdens, problems, tribulations, fate and cross as I pictured in the market place. Physical loads generally could be light or heavy; so do spiritual loads. They come in different magnitudes, weight and time frame. I could vividly recall the voice of apostle Paul to the people of Hebrew; "...let us lay aside those weight, and sin that doth easily beset us, looking unto Jesus..." I realized one cannot easily look up while carrying a load at back but it is much pretty easier to look up when you lay aside the weight(load). The preacher man says "lay that wrong load aside and look up to the master who shall give you an easy yoke to carry. The loads we carry in life are as a result of our weavings in creation, as we weave in darkness we will accumulate a heap of dark loads but when we weave in the right part of life we accumulate a heap of Christ's yoke which is easy to carry. Why loads on mankind? Many accumulate heavy burdens because of consistency in evil even when truth is at their door steps. One of the wisest men on earth stated; " because the punishment against evil is not speedly executed, therefore the hearts of men are fully set in them to do evil". Abomination! A lot of people are complacent in evil because they do not receive immediate comeuppance. Oh man! Who has bewitched you to feel so relaxed with/in burdens of guilt! Penitence is far from the hearts of men and no wonder His glory has departed that we rise up to our feets with unanswered prayers! It is a sad thing that man has chosen to carry the wrong stuff when his creator says "come I would give you the right stuff that won't give you issues". Man in lieu of running to His creator has hewn himself a broken cystern that holds no water. We struggle with loads we made for ourselves because we do not feel the need of a saviour. To be continued.. Basic questions that came to mind will be addressed. G.N.Mon.
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@kepweng (19407)
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25 Sep 17
thanks for sharing this wonderdul heart breaking story
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25 Sep 17
Thank you
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• Malaysia
27 Sep 17
Thanks for sharing!
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