Guess I didn't...

PHoto taken by me
@xstitcher (10314)
Petaluma, California
September 24, 2017 5:18pm CST
I can't find where I wrote a "good morning" post. I thought that I did? Anyway, good afternoon, myLotters, I hope that your day has gone well. I got a message from someone on Facebook saying they wanted to trade one of the cards that I made and posted about the other night; so, I'll need to get that ready to send this week. This evening I'll be making my lunch for tomorrow. Hope your day/evening/etc. has gone well in your part of myLot land !
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@KrauseHome (33785)
• United States
27 Sep
Here it is Wednesday morning, and things are going good. Just getting things motivated and going here for the day. This is awesome that someone is interested in one of your Cards and wants to trade.
@Tracy04 (10627)
• Malaysia
27 Sep
Oh but I love the flower. So pretty!
@Courtlynn (54532)
• United States
25 Sep
Yay glad someone messaged you for one
@kepweng (6915)
25 Sep
wow beautiful flower whats the name of this?
@vsai2008 (7583)
• India
24 Sep
Most of my Sunday was spent preparing my brother's powerpoint presentation, the day was otherwise fine. :) I wonder where your post went Lol, have a good time making the card :)