1987 929 HBES hardtop with 5.5x14" wheels, PCD 114.3mm.

November 27, 2006 5:40am CST
This is an Australian vehicle and I don't know whether there is an equilavent vehicle outside this country other than in Japan. Can anyone suggest options for 15" or 16" wheels in either 6" or 7" with a 4 stud pattern? Some of the multi-fit wheels would do the job. The vehicle is running 195/70R14 tyres at the moment and I don't realy want to change the rolling diameter. Also, I would probably have to be wary of the offset on the new wheels as this vehicle is rear-wheel drive. I'm looking at running 225/50R16's as these will fit under the body. I would prefer to stay away from 17" rims. BTW - does anyone have any suggestions on what might replace the original electric automatic adjusting suspension(AAS)? I would much rather spend money on a new strut setup than try to revive the old system.
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