Have you ever burned yourself when you cooked something?

September 30, 2017 5:51pm CST
Cooking is an art, but it is not for everyone. When the type of food is even harder to do, it can all get trickier (especially if you're a very distracted person). So, getting burned ends up being an almost natural accident in the kitchen. Has this ever happened to you?
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• Japan
30 Sep 17
Oh yes! I have an aloe Vera plant to rub gel on when I burn myself.
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@Lizirazo (2424)
• United States
1 Oct 17
Yes, a couple of times but not too serious.
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@kobesbuddy (55368)
• East Tawas, Michigan
30 Sep 17
Yes, many times I've burnt myself, but never seriously.
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@bela360 (1686)
• Saint Lucia
12 May
Many times lol
@Hannihar (42069)
17 Oct 17
Actually I have burned myself when I was doing something on the stove. I was so angry at a person so I stupidly poured boiling water on my hand and have the scar to show for it. At that time the person was of no use and did not think to put it under cold water right away.
• Hamilton, Bermuda
11 Oct 17
I am sure everyone has burned themselves in the kitchen one time or another and yes i have but i try not to do it as much as possible.
@LeaPea2417 (22038)
• Toccoa, Georgia
6 Oct 17
Yes, and it upsets me when it happens.
@kprofgames (3103)
• United States
3 Oct 17
Sure enough. I burnt myself the other day taking a dish out of the oven and burnt my arm on the oven door. Still hurts!!
@rubyriaz007 (4292)
• India
1 Oct 17
Yes I have burnt myself ,while cooking. But there was no severe burns. Its natural to get burns when we cook food in kitchen,but we must be really very careful when handling gas burners. If we are not careful while using it, we may end up getting ourselves burnt. So we have to have full concentration when we are cooking..
@dgobucks226 (13787)
1 Oct 17
Never, never, never! Ok, maybe once or twice or a few times Usually hot oil on a frying pan is the culprit
@sugartoes (42592)
• Greencastle, Indiana
1 Oct 17
no cause when I cook I don't want any distractions around me so I make sure that no one will be in the way or be distracting me.
@cahaya1983 (10038)
• Malaysia
1 Oct 17
I have, a few times but nothing serious. Plus, aloe vera gel works wonders for me.
@prashu228 (25504)
• India
1 Oct 17
Yes it happened few times.. though not serious one's
@OneOfMany (12401)
• United States
1 Oct 17
I've been making applesauce lately, and when it splashes on me, I have to quickly get the area under running water. Hot applesauce is very dangerous because it can result in serious burns very quickly. I got burned over a month ago when it splattered onto my chest, and it's still not healed. A whole bunch splashed onto my hand a few days ago, but I got it under water fast, so it didn't leave any marks.
@allen0187 (33914)
• Philippines
1 Oct 17
Yes, I have and considering how seldom I cook, I feel like a total imbecile.
@A_loves_B (1616)
• Indonesia
1 Oct 17
Yes, sometime It could be because of the hot cooking oil, hot pan, hot open, or hot cooked food.
@xiaolisu (2427)
• China
1 Oct 17
Sometime the boiled oil spill out of the pan and burn my arm
@marguicha (102190)
• Chile
30 Sep 17
A couple of times, while tsking something out of the oven. Not much though.