How Do Define Up skill In Job Nature?

@Jefrox (41)
Taytay, Philippines
October 1, 2017 8:17am CST
I've been working in a BPO company for the last 7 years already. Various people and environment I use to interact with.Whenever there's an opportgetunity to step up, I always grab those things.Working in a BPO compared to an in house company is totally different. Back in 2013, I was able to get inside to in house company(directly hired).The nature of business is dealing with payroll, but I got hired as senior technical representative. At first, its an easy task for me but as time goes by, management consistently adding new modules for us. The reason they kept on giving us more work loads is because of the needs of the company. We suggested a form of group discussion regarding of high intensity complaints of people. In the middle of meeting, I just butted in to determine if there will be a change with our salary ( additional compensation). The operation manager immediately responded to my concern. Totally, Nothing a all. He said that its an up skill training for all of us and it will be for permanent scope. I answered him directly. In my 4 years of service in this company, this is the first time I'v encountered that management didn't care all about critical situation like this. Looked towards his eyes and I just told him " You know what?,coming 13 month pay,expect a high volume of attrition in this company. Its not beneficial any longer for all employees.
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• Dallas, Texas
1 Oct 17
You should get monetary compensation for the extra work load. More money provides more realistic motivation for everyone and should not be passed off as unimportant.
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