Las Vegas shootout

@suripunj (966)
New Delhi, India
October 2, 2017 1:33pm CST
I came to know that the shooter was American national.I do not know whether he was American by origin or has acquired the citizenship.if the former is true then we must admit that terrorism worldwide is a very complex design and solution to it is almost impossible unless God himself descends to shape the civilization across the world. Destroying North korea or Islamic state will not exterminate terrorism rather will breed more complex form of it. One solution that i can think of-though not sure of its practicality -is to gradually simplify our life and propagate the simplicity as manta of blissed life. If fight is for power de value the power. De value every thing they want. I know the Politics can't function this way but this menace is no longer political only-may be once it was but no more;It is no longer social only either, it has made way into human psyche.It is becoming way of life.For them gunning is way of life and for us to be gunned down is a day to day phenomena. What you think, do you have any better idea to deal it? I will sleep on it for some better idea. A note:Today is 2nd October the birth anniversary of Gandhi the founder of non violence movement in India.Today He has been shot dead once again.
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@prashu228 (25501)
• India
3 Oct 17
Hope for the better world. It's really sad lot of such things are happening these days.
@tallawah (9527)
• Kingston, Jamaica
2 Oct 17
They say that the guy who shot the people had no record.