Do you bit your nails?

October 2, 2017 5:48pm CST
This is a bad habit some of my friends have and they just can't stop it. According to them, this a way to combat stress and anxiety.I think this is pretty weird. How do you see people who do this?
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• Jacksonville, Florida
2 Oct
I don't bite my nails, I like letting them grow. My daughter bites her nails when she's nervous and I keep telling her about the germs she's putting in her mouth.
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• Philippines
2 Oct
I don't do that because I know nails are dirty and don't want to risk swallowing it. If i notice them grow I cut them right away.
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@TheHorse (51460)
• Pleasant Hill, California
29 Oct
Do you mean "bite"?
@prashu228 (21897)
• India
3 Oct
I don't bite nails, i keep them very short.
@DrEdwi (52)
3 Oct
I don't but I know someone who has done that since his childhood up to now. His nails are always short and blunt because he does it everyday and anytime. I don't he does so by liking rather it is involuntarily.
@rubyriaz007 (1512)
• India
3 Oct
Yes I bite my nails. I know its a very bad habit. I tried to stop biting my nails several times but I couldn't stop it. I don't have any stress and anxiety. When my mom sees me biting nails ,she shouts at me.What is the solution to sop biting nails.Please tell me..
@cahaya1983 (8005)
• Malaysia
3 Oct
I don't and honestly can't stand seeing people do it. I know it's a habit that is hard to stop for some people though.
@iridion9 (2306)
• Philippines
3 Oct
Sometimes I bit my nails. LOL I think almost all of us do this.
@kobesbuddy (16472)
• East Tawas, Michigan
2 Oct
As a little girl, I bit my finger nails. Now, I don't do that any more.