A Moment of Silence

October 3, 2017 2:50am CST
Many tragic things happened today in our world. I was listening to a science live stream today and the teacher said that before we began the update we would have a moment of silence for all who were affected by today's tragedies. He has people all over the world who listen. I prayed silently with my eyes closed in my work office at that time, and suddenly I could feel the power of all the others who were also keeping silence, prayer and thoughts at the same time from all over the world. It was a very powerful moment for me. He went on after that to say that we need to change the world by contributing to the good things that are going on, not by attacking the evil but overcoming evil with good. I thought that my teaching children to do music is the way that I overcome evil with good. Have you had a moment of silence with or without others, for the terrible things that happen in the world? Do you have your own way of overcoming evil with good?
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@prashu228 (25516)
• India
3 Oct 17
Yes ..We do in office. That's pretty sad what's happening around us these days.
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@TRBRocks420 (84504)
• Banks, Oregon
3 Oct 17
I had a moment of mourning and, yes just by doing good and, continuing to believe.
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@dodoazo (21615)
• Philippines
3 Oct 17
Yes we can. It start from within us, then to our own family, to society, to nation and to the world. That's the process of overcoming evil by doing good.
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@ya2017 (86)
5 Oct 17
Silence can either calm your mind or fill it with extra thoughts but I guess it's the first one. Evil can be overcome by self-control over events we don't have the power to stop.
@peachpurple (12772)
• Malaysia
3 Oct 17
Yes, i remembered during the mass in church we have a moment of silence to remember our ancestors