Do you prefer brownies or donuts?

October 3, 2017 11:49am CST
This can be tough, but let's go! I know that both options are very tasty, but if you had to choose only one (the other wouldn't exist anymore )... Which one of them would be on your list and why?
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• Peoria, Arizona
3 Oct 17
Oh brownies all the way, donuts are fried and just get nauseating after a while. I have never gotten sick from eating a brownie.
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@JohnRoberts (63085)
• Los Angeles, California
3 Oct 17
I would take brownies. Donuts are good but a solid chocolate brownie with icing can't be beat.
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@tzwrites (4954)
• Romania
3 Oct 17
I prefer brownies although it has been a while since I had them.
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@Hannihar (42069)
9 Oct 17
I think it is a tough question. I like both. I guess I would have to say brownies because I can get them to last more than one meal and I love the chocolate frosting on top.
@marlina (77995)
• Canada
3 Oct 17
Brownies for me, for sure.
@prashu228 (25504)
• India
3 Oct 17
I like brownies ..