Elevation can Occur Despite the Situations at Hand

@Teep11 (7194)
United States
October 4, 2017 5:13pm CST
Some may believe that there is no way to get through the adversity when there's so much at once. No matter how many trials "faced." Do not become discouraged that's what so many may want. Some may test some in order to see how far they're able to go. There are some who do not believe that they're actions will incur consequences because they were able to get away with a lot. Too many end up stopping or not even starting because of what so many try to do. "Still Here" (tanikka paulk) Oh Light! A lot of people may feel inadequate because some refuse to live their dreams or at least their own. There are some willing to hang on to others when they could have lived their own dreams. The hecklers may heckle on because they're insecure. There's no attention on the ones who "refuse" to shine. The ones who are too afraid to take the risk and allow their vision to prosper. So many will do some of the most unspeakable things in order to try and compete with their competition. The strong will certainly survive and don't be surprised about the competitors. Sometimes the ones we may least expect to be in the competition are. The ones who are silent could be apart of the scene. That's why it's best to be alert. If they're still watching me=(Tanikka Paulk) then I'm up! I'm the you and etc. "Still Blessed." By: (Tanikka Paulk)
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• United States
4 Oct 17
We are surrounded by those watching and waiting for us to fall or fail.
• Dallas, Texas
4 Oct 17
Thanks for sharing your post. I feel lots better now. I was feeling bad because I managed to make some people angry at me today so it made me feel a bit better by reading your very thoughtful post.