Egypt and its rulers Ramses I and II.

@JWMURP (51)
October 6, 2017 10:29pm CST
While in Egypt on our Israel-Egypt tour, we spent part of a day in Memphis, as I remember, the city of Thebes in ancient times. We were not taken to a great many places in the area of Memphis, but the reclining statue of Ramses was one of them. By comparing the face of the statue to the people on the other side from my photo position, we can see how huge the statue was, about 30 feet tall when it was standing, as I remember. Ramses was named after the sun god Ra, the most important god in the ancient Egyptian pantheon. Actually, there were two pharaohs named Ramses, I and II. I is generally considered the most important of the two, the father. It is not clear which one Moses dealt with at the time of the Exodus, according to our guides, Probably Ramses I.
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@MALUSE (43579)
• Uzbekistan
7 Oct 17
I was there twice. Egypt is a fascinating country for travellers interested in history. Why haven't you added a photo?