Dont have any a credit card, is it nowadays becoming from necessary to an essential widget?

@parpande (673)
Bangalore, India
October 8, 2017 12:46am CST
I feel really awkward while I tend to get calls offering credit cards, the situation turns more embarrassing when a peer is amazed and replies with raised eyebrows - 'Bro u dont have credit card .... !!!!" . Firsthand I don`t believe in buying something that I cant afford while it comes to any luxury except cars or properties which cant be bought with a credit card rather I would prefer homeloans. Another cause of my apprehension is while offering the card , banks tend to explain something different but while they charge interest it never aligns the same rate of interest/conditions as they mentioned before. Do u use credit cards - pls share any of your unpleasant experiences ever or should u describe that as useful , cite an example...
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@youless (93173)
• Guangzhou, China
8 Oct
Credit card is so popular here and it is quite common for us to use it. Although today the payment by mobile phone seems to become much more popular, but credit card payment is still important here. I like it a lot. Today I seldom will keep lots of cash with me.
@chris2050 (1335)
• Manila, Philippines
8 Oct
Bro, we live in modern society, credit has become today like internet and cellphone, in most cases, I don't really believe it's easy to go without that. In my own opinion, you just have to avoid swiping your credit card everywhere, for every purchase, you may end up in debts. But while buying home appliances on installments, many store prefer credit cards owners, as it's easy to charge them monthly. I did bought certains things in my house using credit cards, and paid them in 6 months, or 12 months. Though the price was a bit high than a person paying cash, having to pay for those things in 6 to 9 months was a good deal for me
• Bucharest, Romania
8 Oct
I did use a credit card to buy a laptop once.