Face the Music and Accomplish

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October 10, 2017 6:22pm CST
Do not become dismayed by what will occur while here on earth. There's a lot to deal with of course but what so many will have to go through is a way to male the individuals stronger. There are some who may not want to take any responsibility and may not want to grow in anyway. Although there are some who will continue to have their own way of thinking and may not believe that there should be greater "accomplishments". No person should stop accomplishing. There are so many who may listen to the voices which project negatives all the time. There are some who do so because they're not feeling accomplished. There should be more encouragement so that more are willing to become accomplished. Too many rather see others stay down instead of elevating. every person who tries to get ahead will have to dace the adversity. There will be some good experiences and some not so "good" ones. We'll have to face some music in which some may not be prepared for. Music is a wonderful thing however there's some music in which some may not want to come across. Music meaning some adversities in which we may not want to face. Some are unable to accept the many obstacles and problems. It's not easy when having to face the adversities but there are many ways to get through the problematic events. "Continue to Believe in the Accomplishments and Face What Needs to be Faced." By: (Tanikka Paulk)
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@Deepizzaguy (16434)
• Lake Charles, Louisiana
10 Oct 17
Excellent advice that you shared in this site. Good words and music are needed in this dark world.