Some Folks Need More Than a Time out

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@Teep11 (7410)
United States
October 11, 2017 12:20am CST
There are some people who really need to be checked and then there are some who don't need the attention. For some all that needs t be done is a throw up of both hands and proceeding. There are some who simply do not know their place. Not "understanding" just what should occur and too many end up not minding their own business. Of course there is no way of avoiding some of the most difficult individuals but there are ways to deal with the difficulties.(Tanikka Paulk) Some may want to yell to the top of their lungs when dealing with such folks. There are some who simply can not stand to see the "elevating." No matter what some may desire if any person expects to be on the upper level then they'll have to either deal with some folks, ignore, or tell the persons what needs to be said. Of course some will refuse to be ignored. The ones who need a time out need to receive the "communications." The clear communications. So many will continue "to discover" that there are a lot of people who refuse to be pushovers. Not willing to tolerate what so many may try to dish out. So many end up wasting precious time because they're too busy trying to cause disruptions. Too many end up losing out because they're so focused on certain individuals business and not their own. Coming up against the ones who are willing to take a stand may show the individuals how to transform.
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@jstory07 (73779)
• Roseburg, Oregon
11 Oct 17
The people who do not wish to be pushovers should not be pushovers.