Why do people lie?

October 12, 2017 12:33pm CST
Did you ever ask yourself that question? People can lie to hide some fault, some mistake, some secret... Also can lie to not spoil some surprise or not hurt someone (and many others reasons). What would be your reason for lying?
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@studylove (2135)
• Canada
18 Oct
There may be different reasons. I lie if someone gets hurt by the truth. Do you lie?
@prashu228 (25820)
• India
13 Oct
It depends upon the situation. I don't like to hurt anyone
• United States
12 Oct
Sometimes I lie a bit because it is easier than saying the truth. For example, if someone said, do you like TV, then I might say yeah just so I won't have to face the common response, "Why not?" and have to explain my position and my 'radical' opinion.
12 Oct
to avoid the consequences
• Havre De Grace, Maryland
12 Oct
Because to make themselves look better to protect themselves all kinda of reasons some people just cant help themselves
• Mombasa, Kenya
12 Oct
Lies will always be bitter in the end, no matter how sweet you made it at the beginning.
@amandajay (18072)
• North Shore, New Zealand
12 Oct
for their benefits most of the time.
@nomus24g (22332)
• India
12 Oct
and some lie out of habit as well...