TV in the Egyptian countryside

A countryside scene in Egypt
@JWMURP (51)
October 12, 2017 10:54pm CST
I took this picture from our tour bus in Egypt. I found a number of interesting facets in this picture, mostly reflecting the poverty of this part of the country. There is a railroad track running through the picture, but it looks unused. The mode of transportation is a donkey-pulled cart, with the house on the left of the picture obviously being constructed of a wooden framing covered with mud. The most interesting part of the picture to me is the dish TV antenna on the house. This means that the obviously very poor people living in the house value their TV 'window on the world' and that they see the information from some source/ sources that are providing it, good or bad, religious or secular, governmental supporting or not,,, I do wonder what they watch, especially what the see about the US, and what they think of us.
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@just4him (124532)
• Green Bay, Wisconsin
6 Dec
Your picture tells a lot about the people in that region of Egypt. It gives another picture on the world. Thanks for sharing this very nice picture.
@MALUSE (42734)
• Uzbekistan
24 Nov
I like this photo. One shouldn't only take photos of famous sights.
• Guangdong, China
13 Oct
oh, i haven't been to Egypt. It is a very rural area.
@jstory07 (69360)
• Roseburg, Oregon
13 Oct
Even the poor have to have their TV service.